Do not destroy the Operational Program for Large Infrastructure (POIM)!

2019 înseamnă ceasul a 12-lea pentru folosirea fondurilor europene dedicate marii infrastructuri. Aceasta este realitatea cu care trebuie să începem orice discuție despre fonduri, proiecte europene și destinația lor.

How to use EU money for extreme poverty (POAD)

The Operational Program Helping Disadvantaged Persons (POAD) 2014-2020, conceived by the European Union to provide assistance to the poor, has been thwarted for the last 3 years and at this point essentially destroyed by the incompetence of its administrators.

Restart POCU in 2020: Get back to the real problems

Delayed, buried in paperwork and lacking teeth- a portrait of the Human Capital Operational Program (POCU) from 2014-2020.